About us

What is Picky Monday?

Picky Monday is an online shop where you can find unique second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories for babies and kids (0 to 12 years old). Twice a month, we will offer a collection of seasonal outfits made of pre-owned (aka like new) clothes, carefully selected for their style and quality.


Our mission is to prove that second-hand can mean both quality and style. We believe that the fashion industry needs to transform and that second-hand needs to be a bigger part of the future. While being more fun, it is a great way to make a difference. Buying second-hand protects our environment. And if it’s good for our planet, it’s good for our kids. And yes, it’s obviously cheaper. 

Who is behind Picky Monday?

Hi, I’m Leila. Lover of second-hand since my teenage time in France, I am now based in San Francisco where I’ve kept looking for great pieces for me and my kids. During the pandemic, I had a hard time finding online shops with a reliable selection. That’s when I had the idea to combine a curated collection of second-hand clothes with the highest level of quality. I founded Picky Monday in the fall of 2020 with a mission to find, select and offer high-quality kids outfits, and make second-hand clothes more accessible and attractive.